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Jane Boolittle Review

A Review Of the Jungle Orphan,Jane! One of the New Basic's.

First off I just want to say not only do I love her Look (in Cartoon and Doll Form) But I love the fact that she has Two Dads,Doesn't know what kind of Monster She is and has Social Anxiety,just makes her feel More real.

Here she is in box.
Love the back drop and The Art as Usual! The Only Artwork I wasn't Fond of was Dance Class.

Jane is The First Since Gigi,to Come with a Pet. Really hope Skelita and Jinafire come with one soon!
Jane's Pet is a Blue Sloth Named Needless,He has Dark Blue Dots for eyes,a red Nose and is Smiling. He is Stitched Because it was said he was reanimated. He has 3 Large Claws on each Foot and Paw. He is Made Sitting With his Legs and Arms Curved in so He Can Hug Jane,He is a Bit Pliable. in my opinion though he is the most poorly Painted of the pets.
Also a Nice Surprise,his Back has a slit so he Can Hide Notes in their.
Where do these Notes Come From? they are folded up in Jane's Purse.
They have Prints of Purple Tree's on either side.
Now onto Jane
Jane Come's With A Purse and Staff or Walking Stick. She wears,Earrings,Bracelets,A Headband,Necklace and Belt.
Her Walking Stick is a Hard plastic,it is Dark Blue/Grey and is made to look like she wrapped Rope around it,it ends at a Carved point,The Top has a Skullete with a red Bow,and the Middle has blue Feathers,molded to look Tied on. it does have a handle for her to hold,but the Staff is too short for her to hold to the ground,by the handle.
and Surprise! the end of the Staff comes off to reveal a Working Marker!
Her Purse is also Hard plastic and as seen above does open,it is the Same Blue as her Staff and Made to look Quilted,it has a Small Red or Orange Bamboo handle With Feather's Attached and Matching Latch with a Tiny Skullete on it.
Her Headband is Red,it is thin With Large Feather's in the Shape of Wings on Top and a Tiny Skullete at the Center.
She Wears two Different Earrings in each ear,both in a Mint Color.
One is a Feather Attached to a Bone,The Other is an Animal Tooth.

She wears The 3 Rings,in Red,That Women in Africa used to or still do wear,Molded together around her Neck. As well as a Chunky Native Necklace in Red With Blue gems.
Her Blue Shoulder Guards are made to look like Feathers and are separate From the Top.
She wears a Chunky Dark blue Bracelet on one Wrist and Several smaller Bracelets on the other,in red and blue. She also has a Fishnet Sleeve on that Arm as well.
Her Belt is Navy Blue,With Stakes going all around it and 3 Prominent Skulletes in front. The one is the Center has a Painted Red or Orange Bow With Dots under it's Eyes,giving the impression that it's Jane's Skullete,Attached are Lots of Large and Small Feathers With Red Designs on them. Two Smaller Skulletes are on Either side of the Bigger one.
Probably my Favorite MH Belt 
Jane has Purple Skin,much like Operetta's but More Noticeable. 
She has Mint Blue eyes,With Purple Eyebrows,She has light Purple Eye shadow with Light pink on the eyelid,and a Few Light blue Dots underneath. Her Lipstick is a Maroon Shade. 
She does have Draculaura's Face and eye shape but the Lips and Nose are Different. 
The Hair
Jane has Very Thick Black Hair,I know some have said it's Dark Purple but it only looks that way because of the Faint Blue Streaks in it. it is Very Wavy and Gathered into a High Ponytail With a Bump in Front,she also has Hot Pink Streaks. 
Because it's so thick,it is a bit Poofy and unimaginable but I have no Desire to take it down and Straighten it. Natural hair it is! Though I do want to take a Strand out and Curl it in front of her Face like her Show's Design. 

Last but Not least Her outfit!
Her Cropped Top is Sleeveless With Soft Black Fuzz attached.  The Front is Scoop necked and Blue With a Purple Tree Design all over. 
Underneath is a Strapless Hot Pink Mixed With a lighter Pink Animal Print Top,it is Sewn to a Mint Blue Mesh Tutu. 
Underneath are Black Leggings that are jagged at the bottom to look like they were Torn or Cut.
Her Shoes are Very Different for an MH Character. 
They Are Bright Blue Wedges,The Straps Go across her Feet,With a Tiny Red Skullete on one side, and around the Heel of her Feet,With one Shoe's Strap Coiling around Her Calf like a snake.
The Other Shoe is Similar at the Bottom but wrapped around her Leg is Molded Contraption that looks like a Leg Brace,but isn't. it has two straps at the bottom With Wide open Squares on either Side and Grommets Going up the Middle and around,attached are Molded Feathers. 
The Heels look like Carved Wood or blades of Grass.

Non Canon,that Things a Leg Brace!
That's it on Jane.
I give her a 10 out of 10,She's Perfect! when I first Saw her Pictures I thought she had too much going on and looked too much like Lala,now I think her outfit and loads of Accessories Suit her. She is Definitely one of My Favorites. 
also yes she does come with a Stand and Diary.
Stay Tuned,I have lots of Reviews Coming up! 
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