Friday, December 20, 2013

Frights,Camera,Action! Clawdia Wolf Review

Finally Found all of the New ghouls aside From Honey and Vipirine.
First I will review The Writer and The Oldest Sister of Clawd,Clawdeen and Howleen Wolf.

Of the three that I have she is Prbly My Favorite (though I have a feeling that's going to change once I get Honey)
I love her Quirky,Nerdy Personality in the Journal and her uniqueness.
First Her Box.

onto her Accessories.
Clawdia Comes With Her Glasses,Notebook and Pen,iCoffin and wearing A Necklace,Bracelet and Earrings.
Her icoffin is Red and looks like alot of the new one's.
Her Pen is the Standard Black MH Pen and Her Notebook is an Orange Red that looks like it's been Chewed on and says Monster High on top. As She is Probably in College by now,I wish it just said her name on the front.

She has on a Standard Black Bracelet,Her Necklace is a Chunky Gold and has a Large Circle in Front With what look like Large Tribal Bones or Canines Connected. 
 Her Earrings are a Chunky Black Hoop and a Tiny one that looks like Either Crossed Bones or a 4 leaf clover.
Last but not least are her thick Black Framed Glasses Which are not Framed on the outsides.

Her Accessories are Cute but I do wish she came With a Briefcase as she's wearing a Suit Jacket and looks like a Reporter. 

First I have to Comment that she has a Smiling Mold Guys! Canines and all!
she also has a very cute Nose and Yellow eyes.
anyway onto the Makeup.
Clawdia has 4 Layers of Eye shadow,Coral,on lid,Red on the Crease and Curving upwards,Yellow on the Brow bone and an even lighter shade of white above that!
Her Lips are a Dark Reddish Brown.
Clawdia is also Much Darker than her Siblings,almost Black! She makes Howleen look White by Comparison. I love it though!
She also has the Big Sister Mold,only a tiny bit shorter than Clawd and she has nice Arm Muscles to boot!
The Hair
Clawdia has Very Yellow hair! which some people are put off by but I like it,it adds to the unnaturalness of the Characters. Her hair is probably past her butt if Straightened and arrives in a Ponytail,I took it out as I thought her hair looked way better down!
Her hair has big Waves and Curls at the Bottom in back and on the sides in Front,it's Gorgeous and so shiny!

The Outfit
Her outfit Consists of a Jacket over a Dress,Knee highs and Heels.
Her Suit Jacket is Red and made out of a stiffer material,it has Black Piping at the Lapel,going down and trimming the Edges. it has Fake buttons,but Velcro's closed.
Her Party Dress (as I like to call it) underneath,is short but not Too short. it's Black with a Gold Lame' Aztec Print.
Her knee highs are Solid Red and Her Shoes are Yellow,They look like Mary Janes with the Strap and are Studded all over the Front and Sides.
That's Pretty Much all For Clawdia also She and the rest of them Comes With Diaries and Stands!
I think she is so Pretty and Unique,I love her!
Now For Some Black Carpet Fun!
Clawdia interviews Elissabat

Trying to get Ready,she's a Klutz.

With Her Sisters

Her Bro

Photo bomb!

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