Monday, December 16, 2013

Dance Class Rochelle and Gill

Finally My First Gill! XD Target Exclusive!

First The Box
 Pretty Standard,I like how they're posed though.
I won't be reviewing the other's as I already have them and will be selling these. (Except Operetta)

But here are some Comparison's of Single Box Vs. 5 pack
The Lagoona's look Exactly the same. I did the Bun on My Original and added the Tutu.
The Robecca's Ponytail's are Different,The Second one is in a Tight Curled Ponytail to the side,while the other is just in a simple ponytail,lightly curled. am keeping my first one as I like how much softer and Fluid her hair is,plus I painted her lips.
Operetta on the other hand I'm keeping and selling my Old one as her hair is Nicely Curled and Not Straight
Now onto Rochelle,Not sure why she's in here when she Can't Dance,Just to Flirt With Billy? (Watch the Webisode) Though She's in Swim Class too....
ah well,she is still Very Pretty and prbly My Favorite Rochelle yet. I love her Makeup and a proper hair do!
Rochelle's Dance Bag,looks like a Large Purse. it's Pale Pink,opens,with a Fluer De lis Design on the Front and Back. it also has two large Pockets on the Front and a zipper on's really cute.

Rochelle's Makeup is Different than her other Two Dolls,She has Mint Green Eye shadow and Lavender Lips.
Rochelle's Hair is in a Perfect Bun,With Bangs and Two Tendrils Curling softly around her Face,She also has her basic Headband.

The outfit
Her outfit is like the others,a Leotard with a Skirt over it.
it has a V Neck and is Purple With a Colorful Fluer De Lis pattern all over,The Skirt is a Light weight Fabric in Black and White Stripes With a Black ribbon in Front.
It's cute but not My Favorite.
Her Shoes are Black Pumps With Thick Lavender Wedges that resemble stone.
they have White socks molded to them as well as a Black bow on each side.
That's it For Rochelle,I do really like her even if she is Simple.

Now For Gill Webber
His Bag is a Black Duffel Bag With Ocean Designs along the Front,back and Sides.
Gil has a More Detailed body then the other Mansters.
He is a Pale Blue Green,With Muscular Arms and a Scaled Chest. No really he has scales.
His Neck also has two Prominent Gills on either side of his neck in Aqua.
He has Larger Fins than Lagoona Obviously,one on each arm and one on each of the back of his legs.

His back is the Coolest of all as he has a long Dark Teal Fin,Jutting out and running all the way down.
His Fins are my Favorite part about him,and of course his Mohawk,Finhawk?
His hair are Molded Scales and a Teal Finhawk Flipped over one side.
Not sure I like the Hair Mold as it looks like it could just pull right off.
He has Narrow Eyes in Pink and Thick Liner,his Dark Green eyebrows are Different and give him a Sinister look,as does his ridged Nose,his Lips Match his Skin tone.
The outfit
His outfit Consist of a Tank and Shorts.
His Top has a Sea Design all over but I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. Waves,Sea shells?
His Shorts are Grey and go all the way to his knees with Green Trim around them. they are made out of Sweat pant looking Material.
His shoes are Black and White Sneakers With Green laces
Pretty Simple outfit and I do prefer his Swim one to this. but as he's My First Gill I will take what I can get!
I give both him and Rochelle an 8 For Look and Hair and a 6 For Originality. Sorry Mattel this wasn't your best line as far as Dance ideas go.
Now For some Pics to end the review!

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