Wednesday, January 21, 2015

HatTastic Cerise Hood

Found Cerise at Toys R Us,I had only ever seen her once (With Severe Eye Wonk) So I'm Glad I Managed to find her again! My First Cerise Doll as I'm not a Huge Fan of The Basics. 

So Here is Cerise Hood Daughter of Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf!

Now onto The Doll
The Accessories
Cerise Comes With Two Tea Cups,A Teapot,Purse and Wearing a Necklace,Gloves,Earrings,Belt and Top Hat!
First The Tea Set They are a Light Brown Color and The Cups Have a Wicker Design around them. They Sit on Red Plates.
The Teapot has a Woven Design Too (Which In Real Life Would be impossible to Hold Tea in) With a Red Floral Design on either side.
Her Purse is Very Cute and Has a Gothic feel,It is all one Piece,Red on Front With a Black Molded Lace Front With Corset Tie and a Bow With Frilly Edging,Black Sides and Rope like Handles.
Her Gloves are Black Also With a Raised Pattern,The Cuffs (which are Detached) Look Like Black Branches or Vines.
Cerise's Earrings are My Favorite Accessory and The one thing that,I feel,Gets Overlooked on this Doll.
They are Silver,One Earrings Is a Tea Cup While the Other is a Teapot Pouring Tea INTO a Tea Cup!
How Creative is that?!
Her Top Hat is Pretty Cool as well! It's Brown and Curved,It's painted to look like Worn Leather With a Tied Front and a Silver Buckle,it is Attached to a Black Headband. 
You could totally use this in Steampunk!
Her Belt is Black With Two Silver Buckles. 
Her Necklace is Silver With Some sort of Gem on it and a Chain.
The Hair
Cerise Has Long Straight Brown Hair With a Few Waves From the Box,She has Gelled Bangs With a Red Streak Instead of White!
It's Very Soft But My Cerise has Thinning Hair on Top :/

The Makeup
Cerise Has Tan Skin and Thick Brown Eyebrows,She has Peach and Brown Eyeshadow outlining Pale Blue Eyes. Her Lips are a Reddish Brown.
The Outfit
Cerise's Tea Party Dress is Short and Poofed out like the other Girls,The Bodice is Black With Short Black Sleeves and Sewed Over that is the Top of the Dress It is a Red Pattern With Straps and Goes under Her boobs. It Flares out at the Hips to Make the Skirt The short part is Hemmed and Matches the Top,Past That is a Shiny Skirt That Is Red Fading into White and has a White and Black Leaf Design around it with Black Teapots. 
Attached to the Sleeves of the Dress is a Red Hood. 

 She also Wear Fishnet Short Socks and Black Wedge Boots With a Red Bow on Front.
That's it For Cerise,All in all I love her! Despite the Thinning Hair and the Fact that her eyes look too much like Stickers to me she's Still a Beautiful Doll and I love All Her Accessories!

Stay Tuned For more Ever After High and Ghoul Sports!


  1. Great review! I'd been wondering about the details on her shoes, so it's great to see a close-up of them.

    I'm impressed that you got her to pose holding the teapot and cup!

    1. Yep Just Balance! and one hand is made to hold the Teapot

  2. I have My Cedar Wood doing the same thing!

  3. Hello from Spain: great purchase. Lovely dolls. Nice pics. Keep in touch