Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I ♥ Accessories Operetta

Bought Operetta on Amazon For $8.00!

So First off yes,I know that This Operetta (And Skelita) are Called the Scareitage Line But since I don't really see any Heritage in The Line (Except maybe Skelita's) I am Calling them I Love Accessories.

First The Box.
 I mean I didn't know The Phantom Carried around Purses and had a Heart Shaped mask...
Plus it says "Don't Be afraid to Accessorize!"
Despite Being a Budget Doll,She does come with a Stand!
Now onto The Doll Starting With Per Usual The Accessories!
Opry Comes With Two Purses,Her Mask and Wearing One Earring and a Belt.
Her Mask is Her usual Heart Shaped Mask With Webbing in White.
 Her Purses are also Recasts. Her White Purse is a Recast of Her Red Dance Class Purse (Which I painted) and The Purple one is a Recast of her White Dot Dead Gorgeous Purse.

Her Belt is a Recast of Her Fashion Pack Red Belt as well as Her White Earring also in Red.
Sorry I didn't take a Picture of just the Belt But you can see it When I Talk about Her outfit.

The Makeup
Opry Has Very pretty Eyeshadow in Brown and Pink,She has Light Red Lips.
Opry's Red and Black Hair is Pulled Back in a Low Straight Ponytail With Some of it Up in a Poof,her Bangs are Rolled and Big.
Finally Accurate Retro hair!
I love the Mesh Purple Bandana as well!

The Outfit
Opry's Comes wearing a Very Stylish Outfit,I love the Jacket/Top!
It is Mostly Black and Cap Sleeved With Shiny Purple Lapels that going into a Tie at the Waist (it velcros closed) The Top and Upper Back has a Shiny Spider web Design in White and Red.
Only problem I have with the Top is How Short it is...

 She has High Waisted Capri Pants in a Checkered Spandex of White and Purple with Tiny Spiders or Bed Bugs all over.

Her Purple and White Shoes are Recasts of Her Kohles one.
Which I repainted.

Added most the Red,Purple and the black Music Note
That's it on Operetta Hope You Enjoyed! She is a Very Pretty Doll Especially For $8.00!

Here she is With some of MY Accessories.

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