Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kiyomi Haunterly Review

Found Kiyomi at TRU,They only had her and Clawdeen and I Definitely Did NOT want Clawdeen! (Orange and Purple don't go together unless it's Halloween)
So Here is The Daughter of The Japanese Faceless Ghost!

This is Her In Box,All The Haunted Boxes are The Same.
A little Background on Kiyomi,She's Shy and Changes Colors Based on her Emotions,The Other Ghost's Call it "Blushing" She also has a Secret Crush on Porter though I think in Canon He's going to end up With Spectra (Though Not in My Canon!) Sounds like another Cupid+Dexter+Raven Triangle to me!
Now For Her Doll.
Kiyomi has Pale Blue Skin Made to look Ghostly but not Translucent.
Instead of not giving her a Face,which would be Weird We have CAM's For that,They Decided to Give her White outlines I love it! She has White Eyebrows,With White Eyes and Eyelashes Her Lips are a Mint Green.
Kiyomi has long Fushia Cranberry Hair. It is really Soft, Her Bangs are Pulled back to each side and The Top is Held Back by a rubber band and a plastic Barrette.
The Barrette is a Light Blue With Teeth on Top and a face With molded chains attached.
Kiyomi's Accessories besides The Barrette is A Purse,Bracelet,Collar and Belt,She is Depicted With Earrings on in the Artwork but they are not on her doll.
Her Purse is a Dark Purple and Does open on top. The Handles are Chains With Charms Attached and Both Sides Have a Face on it in Pink,The Mouth is a Zipper,Happy on one side,Sad on the other.

Her Bracelet is a Plain pink Chunky Bracelet with Gems on it.
Her Belt is Light Pink also and Very Extravagant!
It is Wide and Has Holes Punched on it, two of The Holes have Lots of Long Pink Chains Attached, Looping Together With Charms of A Star,Flower and Gems Molded on. It's Beautiful and My Favorite of their belts so far!
Her Plastic Collar is Lavender looks Similar to a Japanese School Girl Collar. It has Beads and Chains around the Neck with a Chain going down and Studs making a V Shape With a Gem at the Bottom and The Other Studs making an upside down V With Cutouts.
The Outfit
Kiyomi's Outfit is a cross between a School Uniform and a Short Kimono/Anime outfit.
It has a V Neck With a Pink Sash attached Over a Purple Green and Pink Gingham Patterned Top With Full Sheer Kimono Sleeves that are Open on the sides With a Shiny Japanese Design. One layer of her Skirt also has this and Her Skirt is the same Gingham Pattern as the Top Underneath a Purple Sheer Material. It's Very Cute!

On her Feet are Pink Sheer Socks,Similar to Basic Rochelle's. Her Shoes are Peep toed and a Clear Black They have a Strap across the top of the Feet and The Backs Resemble Faces With Mint Blue Eyes!

In real Life idk how you'd walk in these unless you were Lady Gaga.
In Conclusion I really like Kiyomi as I like Almost all The Haunted Line!
Being a Fan of Pastel Goth Though It's Not surprising!
 (Clawdeen and Porter being My Least Favorite but I'm still getting Porter because he's a Guy)
Stay Tuned For Ever After High Reviews! It's been a while since I've done some so I'm Excited!

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  1. She's very pretty! And I love the Haunted series for all the pastel colors. : D
    Her bag is a clever little detail and I also like her make-up and shoes. <3
    Thank you for the review~!