Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Frankie+Recharge Chamber Review

I got the Recharge Chamber for 20.00 on Amazon!

Let's just get right into it.
First The Box,It is quite large and Has No Artwork (Except of Basic Jackson,lala and Clawdeen cheering on Frankie) this time just Pictures of the Doll. I really like The one at the bottom.
It has a Small window on the Side where you can see The Doll.
She is Gorgeous!

Here is Everything straight out of the Box.
 Frankie's Shoes are Packaged Separately and Not on her. 
Now I will Start With The Chamber. Here is a Video I took of How to Put it together.
Putting Together The Recharge Chamber
Now For some Pics!
The Pink Tubing on Top,You put together to make a Heart.

The Front of The Chamber is Clear Doors With Designs on them and The Pink Edges are Studded With a Stitched heart. They Open to reveal a Grey Quilted Molding With Stitches and Small Lighting Bolts For the Buttons and Places to put Frankie's Head and Legs.

On Each Side are Giant Yellow Lighting Bolts and a Large Skullete on Top.
The Entire Chamber is Edged in Blue Studs on the Bottom is Grey Plastic With Molded Curlicue Stitching and The Black Button that Operates The Chamber is Frankie's Skullete. The Black Base it sits on has Holes to Put the Tiny Skullete Decorations With Lighting Bolts on them. 
The Back of The Chamber is Blue and has Her Skullete and Lighting Bolts Engraved on it!
I Will Put My Video up of How The Chamber Works as Soon as it Uploads!
Until then Here are some pictures to give you an idea.

Now onto The Doll,The Best Frankie To Date!
Frankie Has This Dark Goth Makeup I love. (Because of The Flash it looks lighter than it is) She has Blue Eyeshadow and Bright Blue Lips. one side of Her Face has Pale Yellow Lightning Bolts down it,Even her Stitch is Blue with Lighting! I love when They Goth out Frankie and Lala!(Ghouls Rule,I♥Fashion,DOTD Lala,Draculocker,Wave 1 Lala)
FF Frankie's Hair Is The Softest and Lightest of any MH Doll to date! because of This only Her hair works in the chamber.
It is Super Pretty in a Shiny Blue With Yellow Streaks on top and Black underneath.

The Outfit
Frankie Comes wearing Blue Lightning Bolt Earrings and Thick Silver Belt with Punched out Bolt Detail a Chain is Attached to one side.
Her Minidress is Sleeveless With a Lightning Cut Edge in Front it is a Shiny Materiel in Black With Blue and Yellow Lighting Design all over.
Her shoes are Yellow Pumps With Lighting Bolt Heels.
Simple yet very Mature looking.

Well That's it on Frankie Probably My Favorite out of the Returning Ghouls in This Line.
Hope you liked it Don't forget to comment!

Next Up Kiyomi Haunterly!

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