Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Save Frankie Jackson Review

I had To Trade My NIB Dexter Charming For Jackson since I can't find him in stores and he's $35.00 on Amazon! But Dexter is only $20.00 so I can get him later. It was a great trade in my Opinion!

Jackson comes in a Standard Freaky Fusion Box except Slim.
I should add that besides him on his Phone  to "Save Frankie" at the End of The Movie he was not in Freaky Fusion at all,and never in this Outfit. Oh well he's still a Cool doll and Yay for more Boys!

Jackson,Clawdeen and Draculaura in this Line all come With Rubber Bracelets you can wear! Jackson's is Blue it says Monster High With the Skullete on Front and Stitching on the Back,it fits My Small Wrists Perfectly!

Now Onto the Doll.
The Accessories
Jackson comes With 4 Accessories-A Sign,Glasses and Two Bracelets.
His Glasses are Blue and The Frames are Octagon Shaped.
He has Two Bracelets on one wrist one is a Thick Black and the other is a Doll Version of the one you get!
His Sign is Blue With a Lighting Bolt For the Stake and Has a Picture of Frankie in it.
His Eyebrow Piercing is Yellow.
Never Reviewed Jackson before so I will describe how he looks too. 
He has Pale Skin,A large Nose,Full lips and high cheekbones. He is the same build as the other guys maybe a bit skinnier sense he is supposed to be Nerdy. 
He has Brown Eyebrows and Blue Eyes. For the First Time he has a Stitch on His Cheek. I'm assuming he drew it on for Frankie.
Unlike Basic Jackson,This Jackson doesn't just have Eyeliner on But Light Black Eyeshadow as well. Which that paired with his Hair,Piercing and Stitch make him look a bit Emo,in a good way. 

Jackson hair is the Regular Black With a Yellow Streak But it's Parted Differently and Slicked to the side.
I am going to boil Straighten it and see if I can get the slicked back part to straighten out.
The Outfit
Jackson Wears a Black Tshirt With a Yellow Collar,The Graphic Design on Front Says Save Frankie in Black Bold Lettering Over a Blue Square and a White outline of her hand,a Blue Bolt and a white bolt,a Blue Heart with white stitching and a Blue and Yellow Yin Yang Symbol.
 He wears Board Shorts ( The Guys Need more Pants!) in a Plaid Design of Black,Yellow and Blue.

His Loafers are a Bright Blue With Bright Yellow on Bottom (We also Need Sneakers and Boots!)
That's it on his Review. For being a Fairly Simple Doll I do love that they gave him makeup,Kept his Piercing and I like his Shirt also!
More Freaky Fusion on the way,along with Freaky Field Trip and More Haunted!
Stay Tuned!


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