Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monster Exchange Marisol Coxi Review

I ordered Marisol on Amazon,I just couldn't wait for her to arrive in stores! She was the one I was most Excited for in Monster Exchange and I wasn't disappointed.

This Line is all about Exchange students and Marisol as The Daughter of The South American BigFoot,is coming from Peru or Booru. Marisol is also the Cousin of Abby!
Monster Exchange has different Boxes than the norm.
The only part that is plastic is the Coffin shaped window that displays her,the rest is Cardboard. The Box is Black and Orange and on one side looks like a stamped Passport. on the bottom is Art of Marisol holding her Passport.
Marisol's Face goes down the Side as well as a Blown Up Picture on the Back With Her Info.

Once you take the plastic off you can see that The Art and Her Name are 3 Dimensional.
And the Orange Background is made to look like her School lockers. It is Clawsome!
Also Her Diary is Hidden in the back so make sure you grab that!

Marisol you're too big to hide....
The only Accessories she comes with is her Hat and Purse so I won't be making a Separate section for them.
Marisol does come with a Stand,it's Black. I wish The Basic's came with Colored stands. also they should have made her stand taller as the Clip just barely stays on.
Now for The Doll!

The Hair
Marisol's Skin/Makeup Will be last as The Best should be saved for last!
Marisol has Thick Waist Length hair Rooted away from her face. It is a Pink Cranberry Color,With Lime Green Twist Braids on either side With Orange Plastic Tassels attached to the ends. With all these Twist Braids though it makes me wonder if anyone at Mattel knows how to do an actual braid?

Such a pretty Color!
The Outfit
Marisol's Top and Skirt are actually one Piece Not Separate. 
The Top is Sleeveless and Pink,the Skirt is Black with Aztec Print stripes and Lime Green Pleats underneath.
The Orange Cardigan has Blue Aztec or Native Stripes and Green Foot Prints all over. 

 Marisol's Shoes are Hot Pink and have Giant Wedges! they have a Slight Triangle Cutouts on the sides and Large one's near the ankle,They have Molded Yellow Tassels and are Peep Toe For Her Large Feet to fit through.
also on the Bottoms are Molded Foot Prints!

Marisol also Comes Wearing a Lime Green Bowler Hat. (without the Bands holding it in place it tends to fall off quite a bit)

Marisol also Comes Holding a Tiny Passport (which I accidentally threw away with the box) and a Large Lime Green Coffin shaped Luggage Purse that has 2 Big Foot Prints on either side and does open.
Marisol has a Grey Purplish Skin Tone,that would make it hard to Find the right outfits For her if you borrowed From The Dolls her size. With her Skin plus Hair Color's I Can only see her looking good in Venus Mcflytrap's Clothes or Madeline Hatter's From Ever After,Neither of which would fit her.
Marisol has Bushy Purple Eyebrows (Which I appreciate!) and Lavender Grey Eyes,She has a Prominent Nose and Large Lips she also has a Very Wide Forehead! as for her Makeup she has Pink Eyeshadow on the Brow Bone and Below and Lime Green on the Lid and Below.
She has Dark Pink Lips.
She has the Big Sister Body but is still Slightly Taller than them,Makes Abby look Small!(Though they are the same age) and Towers over The Little Sisters.
 Forgot Clawdia XD

Poor Abby you need to be on The Big sister body so bad!
Marisol has Hair or Fur on Her Wrists,hands and Ankles. She also has The Larger Cup Size. 

Marisol has a New Larger HandMold and a New Larger Foot Mold. Her Feet are Huge! They Dwarf all the other's!
 Her hands Compared to Abby's which are already quite large. 
Her Foot Compared to Nefera and Twyla's,sorry forgot The Regular size. 
That's all on Marisol,I love her So Much she has To Be My New Favorite Ghoul! She is also a Bit Heavier than the Other's,I love everything about her Especially her Body and Face she is Gorgeous and Unique!
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  1. Wow she's gorgeous and has very lovely new details in her body! <3
    I like her skirt a lot! : D And her hair too~

  2. She looks great - love the combination of grey skin and pink hair. Thanks for posting this!