Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Freaky Field Trip Toralei Review

Found Toralei at Toys R Us,They had Just Clawdeen and Gigi on the Shelves,I had to Get Tor From The Back. I could only get two Dolls So I got Her and Kiyomi!

Freaky Field Trip is a Set where they go on a Field Trip to Various Places,In Toralei's Case she goes to the Aquarium or Scarium. (Which is an Actual Place during Halloween aquarium of Pacific ) Don't Eat The Fish Tor!

 Here is The Box in The New Style they've Adopted. I Do love it I just Wish That We had Full Length Artwork.

Now onto The Doll!
No Stand
Toralei Does not Come With Any Jewelry (Including The Fishbone Bracelet Depicted in her Artwork :( I Hope they rectify that!) 
But she Does come with a Cup and Souvenir. 
Her Cup is Teal and Shimmery with Various Designs all over (hard to tell what they are sense it's all one color),The Lid is a Shark Head with it's Jaws open and a Straw on top.
It has no handle so I had to Band it to her hand. 

Lastly her Souvenir which is a Bone White Skeletal Angler Fish on a Purple Base.
   Toralei has Teal eyeshadow all over that makes a Point at the Top and a Dark Blue Crease,She has Hot Pink Lips. 
Toralei Has Her Hair like Her Basic's But Her Normal Light Orange Piece is A Dark Teal With Fishbone Prints instead of Stripes!

The Outfit
Toralei's MiniDress is a Light Red or a Dark Pink Not Quite sure. It has Black Fishbones all over and Teal Claw Marks. It's Very Cute but I'm getting a bit tired of all these short Dresses,especially since Girls in Highschool don't Normally dress like this But I guess a Hoodie and Jeans With Uggs would be Boring. 
Lastly Tore's Shoes,They are Teal Wedges and See Through. They Resemble Tore's Basic Shoes in Front But The Heels are Shark Teeth With an Eye on each side

Super Neat!
That's it on Toralei,For a Budget Doll she's pretty neat and I can see a Person who Liked Her Basic's Short Hair to Liking this one as well,instead of  spending a lot on The WereCat Fearleading Set.

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  1. This one seems like a real good find! I like sharks and cats and the doll is just screaming at me to buy it once I see it somewhere. 8''D I also like the color combination of orange and teal!! Almost opposite colors, and they work well together. Have to say though that I agree: dresses are easy to make, but I would like to see something else too, if not a hoodie at least some kind of detail that will capture the eyes. xD
    I loved the review, thank you so much for it! <3