Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Creepateria and Student Lounge Review

Ordered Both these Playsets on Amazon,since they never showed up where I am.
Also Bought Howleen and Draculaura just Need Cleo!
But I'm just going to be doing The Playsets this review.

I didn't take pictures of the Backs But here are the Front of the Boxes!
Cleo's Expression is funny since when does she NOT like Grapes?
Here's the Cute backing.

I will be Combining the Accessories together.
They Come With 8 Drinks,5 Pieces of Food,2 Trays With Forks,A Flower Piece,Laptop and Tablet + 6 Pieces of Furniture. (plus the Drinks,Food and Trays that Cleo,Lala and Howleen Come With)
One Drink is Red and Has Cherries on it the other Two are Blue and Green and Both have A Dripping Apple on the Front With a Straw on top. 
The Other Drinks are Two Identical Cups with Straw red and Green,the other two are Soda Cans in Blue and Pink,last but not least a Blue Carton of Milk With a Cow on it. 
For Food There's also a Candy Bar Called crunchy Mouse Tails that has a Dead Mouse on the Front,yum? also a Pink Lunch Bag with a Fish on the Front. A Sub Sandwich (the halves come apart) one side is Blue the other Pink and they have black stuff in the middle. 
On a Tray attached to the lunch counter is Some Green Brains and Orange Worms with various other bugs in it....
Last but Not least is what I think is a Mini Pizza it comes apart and is Orange with Pink in the middle. I will show that with the playset later on.
The Trays are Shaped like a Tomb one is Pink the other Blue they Come with Green and Blue Forks the handles shaped like bones. 

 Also Draculaura Comes With A Pink Clear Goblet and a Cheese Sandwich shaped like a Heart with a Web design and Bat Wings on a Pink Tray. Howleen Comes with a Yellow Carton of Milk and a Winged Chili Dog on a Blue Tray.
Not shown Cleo Comes with a Bowl of Grapes and Turquoise Goblet on a Gold Tray.
My Favorite Food To Date!
The Flower Piece sits on the Table on a round purple Tray one is Yellow the other Pink.
The Tablet is Pretty Basic Tombstone shaped,Purple With a Sticker on front. I didn't take a picture of it but I did for the LapTop it's Lime Green With a Picture of The Gorey Gazette Website Showcasing The School.
Now onto The Playsets themselves. 
First The Vending Machine,Couch and Foosball table that Comes with the Student Lounge.
The Vending Machine is Tombstone shaped in a Hot Pink Color With Lime Green Dripping on top. 
The Monster High Logo is on The side With the Molded Buttons and Coin Slots, The Other Side is a Clear Door with Spider Web Design and The Bottom that Opens is Blue With Molded on Skulletes. The Very Bottom is Silver and the Sides are Black. The Back is Black Cutouts of Webs. 

The Door Opens to reveal Fuschia Shelving that when you turn each of the knobs on the side drops The Items into the bottom just like a real Vending Machine! 
I did Take a Video of it but My Camera Ate it.... :/
Next is the Lounge Chair or Couch. it's Purple and made to look like Cushions with spider web designs and Little Skulletes acting as the buttons. The Trim is studded the Trim of the backing is Black With a Skull and Webbing or Bat wings. 
The Bottom is Cutout out and the Legs of the Couch have old fashioned Feet. It's Very Goth Especially the Back,I love it!

Last is The Foosball Table Which comes with two Balls so you can actually play it! The Casing is Silver With Cutout Webs and Studs outlining the bottom. The Inside is Fuchsia. The People on the Handles are Male and Female in Lime Green and Hot Pink. you can Turn them manually. 
The Legs of the Table are Black and have a Large Cutout design. 

Now onto The one's that come with the Creepateria. The Lunch Table and Seats,The Drinking Station and Lunch Counter.
The Drink Station also has a Microwave with Lime Green Door. The Station is Blue With Black sides. it has 2 shelves to put things and I just now realized the silver in the middle is a Shelf that pulls out. The Other side is For Drinks,Slushy if I'm not Mistaken. Lime Slime,Blood Orange,StarBurst and Winter Breeze. I made that up by the way. 
In the Middle is a rounded clear Door that houses three Small Purple shelves for drinks on either side is hot pink Cutout webbing. 
On the bottom is also cutout Webbing Fanning around a Blue Skullete. 
On the very top is a Large Hot pink Skullete and attached to the Back is a Black Spine and what look like ribs!
Next is The Table and seats. 
Both in Hot Pink,The Table is,you guessed it!,Shaped like a Tombstone with Webbing and a Skullete in the Middle,with Studs around it. I just wish the Webs were Cutout like this.
The Seats are Square and have a Cutout Web Design. The Legs on Both are Black With a Skullete in the middle With a design coming off it.
Last But Not least The Lunch Lady Counter.
Pictured Here With Coffin Bean Robecca.
It's a Sturdy Black Counter With a Guillotine/Sandwich Slicer,the Slicer is made to look like Wood Holding Up a Reddish Orange Frame Shaped like a Skull With Two Bony hands on either side. The Saw is in the Middle and Does Move up and Down,Manually.

The Counter that you set your Trays for Food is Silver,Ridged and Pushes in for easy Storage.
it is Studded along the Front and Has Purple Slime Going down the front.
The Very Front of the Counter is a Black studded Cutout Design With a Large MH Logo. You can See The Blue Wavy Shelf on the inside.

That's it on this Playset,I really like it! It goes Very well with The School and an Outside Courtyard as well. My Favorite Parts are The Sandwich Slicer,The Vending Machine and The Foosball Table!

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