Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hat-Tastic Cedar Wood Review

Haven't been able to Find Cedar Wood (Basic or otherwise) at all where I live,So I Ordered Her on Amazon for $15.00!
Great Price since the Hattastic Line is $21.00 regularly.

Cedar Wood is The Daughter of Pinocchio,Who wants to follow her Destiny to become a real girl,She is obligated to always tell the truth.

Cedar's box is like the other's except the Picture on the Side and Back has her in her Tea Party outfit.
The Back has a Picture of all the Dolls in the Line,Apple,Briar,Cerise,Cedar and Madeline With her Tea Party Playset.
It is set up like a Facebook Event.

Could The one's on the Wishlist be upcoming Dolls? I would Love Raven! it also says 3 More I would Love a Daring,Dexter and Kitty!
Now onto The Doll.
The Accessories 
Cedar Comes With Two Teacups,a Teapot and a Purse,She Comes wearing a hat,painted on gloves and earrings.
The Teacups,Teapot and purse are made to look like Carved wood. The Teacups come on a small pink plate. The Teapot has pink Designs on it and the top does come off.
The Bag is a Slight square shape with Carvings on it the handle is Lavender and reminds me of a Well Bucket,the top does come off.
Her gold earrings are Bows and Her Pink Cap with the lavender Feather is most likely a Nod to her Dad.
Her Black Gloves are painted on With White plastic Frilled Cuffs meant to be the edge of the gloves. I wish they were connected. Also Her skin is meant to look like Wood,hence the texture and look.

The Hair
Cedar has Thick Curly Brown Hair With Lavender Highlights (that look Fushia in the light) It is  in a Side Ponytail With Two Strands tied at the sides to her scalp.
It's really pretty and soft,I like it!
The Makeup
Cedar has Hazel Eyes Surrounded by Lavender Eyeshadow and a Strip of Pink Down her Lips,Reminding me of Cupid. 
The Outfit
Cedar wears a Short layered Dress. 
The Dress has a Stand up Collar With a Tied Ribbon oddly enough that part is Made out Rubber.
her short sleeves are netted and the shiny Pale pink top Flares out at the Hips,Her Skirt which is Connected,is made out of a stiff Material to keep it's Shape it's shiny also,the pattern on it is Purple With a Gold Design around the Middle,the Bottom is White With Teacups and Silhouettes of Grasshoppers in a Dust Rose Frame. 
She has on White netted socks and Wedges that resemble Rocking Horse shoes that Lolita's wear!
They are Lavender With a Grooved pattern and studs,the strap across her ankle have a gold Grasshopper "Buckle",The Heels are amazing Gold Wedges that Curl in and out at the Top and Bottom like a Sleigh they have a Design on each side. 

That's all on Cedar,I love her she's really pretty and the Detail is Amazing especially with her Shoes!
I would Recomend getting her and since she's so hard to Find,getting her soon!
Amazon has her in Stock Now for $11.00!

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