Friday, November 14, 2014

Sirena Von Boo Review

It's been a long Time! but that's what happens when you're a new Mom! Finally got some time So I decided to Write up More Freaky Fusion Reviews,Starting With Sirena! I got Her at Target while they had their buy 2 get the 3rd Free Sale. 

Sirena comes in a Box Much like all the other FF's.
Such Pretty CG! She Comes with a Diary But No stand as she Stands on her own.

Now onto the Doll.
Sirena is a Hybrid of a Ghost and a Mermaid. She's Described as a Bit of an Airhead and after Watching the Movie I Can Definitely See that.
Makeup and Skin
I Will Do her Accessories With Her outfit as she doesn't come with Much.
Sirena has almost Neon Blue Very Prominent Eyebrows that Resemble Fins (I love them!) Her Skin is a Pearlescent White that almost seems to glow in Pictures,because of white her Nose gets lost in Photo's. She has White eyes With Blue bubbles in them! Her Eyeshadow is Coral on the Brow and Yellow on the Lid. she has Bubblegum Pink Lips.
Her Hands are a Grey Black and Webbed,Her Arms have black Fins on each that look like Barnacle. Hanging From Each Wrist are black Strings attached to a Black Wrist band. 
Her back has the Same Barnacle Fin but much larger.
She has Webbed ears.

Her Tail is The Same White but goes into a Grey Black Further down,on her Butt are white Stars.
Her Large Tail is Black and Look like Coral Reef or Barnacle,it is Very Intricate. When Together she Can Balance on it but you Can also split her Fins and have her stand that way,though she's much shorter. 

because of her Bent tail she has a Hard time Sitting,but she's still Beautiful!

The Hair
Sirena's Hair Goes to her Waist in Crimpy Waves,it is a Bright Purple or Lavender Depending on the Light With chunky Blue and black Streaks in it.
It is Divided into Two Ponytails in Back (though I took the Lower one out),One side has three Twist Braids and Her "Bangs" Are Gelled into a Large Curled updo that reminds me of an Anime.
Her hair is the Most Intricate of a MH Doll to date.
The only thing I don't like is how Poofy it is.

The Outfit
First Her Jewelry,She has Two Different Earrings both Silver,A Row of Chains For on ear and a Simple Stud for the other.
Her Necklace is also a Row of Chains.
Her Top is Two Separate Pieces.
The Top Part is some type of Shrug,it is Black With silver thread and Netted.
The Top that has Clear plastic straps is a Yellow/Green With a Squid Design.
For some reason underneath her Shirt she had Paper taped around her....

Her Tail has a Chain Holster attached The Waist is black and looks like a Belt With Chains making up the rest.
It Comes undone in three separate areas.

and that's it on Sirena,I have to admit I love her More than I thought I would Her Skin is Beautiful her Hair is so Pretty and Her tail is Amazing!
Keep up the great Details Mattel!

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