Sunday, October 27, 2013

Art Class Abbey Review

I am so Excited to be one of the First to get some of the Art Class Dolls!
I got Abbey From She was 25.00
At first Abbey didn't really appeal to me (appearence Wise) but in Person she is Gorgeous!

Abbey like the other's in the line,Comes in a Deluxe Box. The Top of the box has Art Deco Skullettes,Yellow and Blue Paint Splotches and Blue and Yellow Paint Lines on it.
The Front of the Box has a Drawing of a Black Skullette and Black Paint Running down,with a Blue Background and Says Art Class in White. also Check out the Beautiful Artwork of Abby!
The Back has Full Artwork of Abbey and a Journal Entry which is pretty much in the Journal itself.
Here's the neat background. 

I don't have a Shot of Abbey with Everything. but here is some of her Beautiful Artwork in the Book!

Abbey's Accessories include Earrings,A Belt,Goggles,plus her Chainsaw and Ice Sculpture! 
Abbey's Earrings are Large Clear Blue Monster High Skullette's.
Her Belt is made to look like Snow with Icicles,and is Pure White but Very Detailed and is not a Hard plastic like her Previous One's but a Rubber.
Her Safety Goggles are Hot Pink with a Tiny Skullette in the Middle. held together by a Black band.
My Favorite thing is her Blue ChainSaw,it has what looks like Ice running down it and says Monster High on the blade,it also has Snowflakes on it and a Bat Wing handle. 
Her Ice Sculpture is all White and has Heath Burns Face on it! with Snowflakes Surrounding him and Ice made to look like Flames on top,the Bottom and Back look like Mountains or Snow Mounds. The Bottom is Hollow.

The Outfit
Everyone has been saying that Abby's Dress looks alot like or is Abbey's Basic. 
It's really not,the only similarities are it's a Minidress and it has Fur on top. she has 3 Dresses that have an Icicle Pattern so that Similarity is kinda Moot. 
 Abbey's Minidress is Black with Patterns of Pink and Blue Icicles or Frosted Pine Needles all over it. The Top is a Light Blue Very Soft Down Fur/Material the Same as the Bottom of the Dress,the Bottom is also Cut at an Angle. So to Compare it to Basic's you would have to Compare it to Scaris as well.

Same Fur Edging
Abbey's Ankle boots are Bright Blue with Laces tied down the Front and Icicle Wedges,at the Ankles are White Melting Snow.
They are not as Pale as shown here
Compared to Previous Dolls,Besides Roller Maze Abby,She has the Shortest hair. it's Waist Length and Curled at the Bottoms. One Side has Purple,Blue and Pink Streaks,as well as lots of Tinsel,while the other side is Pure white,with just a little Tinsel,This Time the Tinsel isn't as unruly.  it's really soft and Next to basic is Prbly My Favorite hair of hers!

The Makeup
Abby has pretty Simple but Dark Makeup. It is Dark Blue on her brow bone, with lighter Blue on her eyelids  and a Light Red for her Lips.
I Love it! I think it's really Pretty in it's Simplicity! 
Well that's it for Abby,I hope you liked it!
I give her a 10/10,I love her Make up and that soft Hair with Good Tinsel! I love her Dress and that Soft Fur on it and Her Chainsaw is Awesome! Colored Stands though!
She is Proubably My Favorite Abby,Next to Basic and Roller Maze.
My Next review Will Be Draculaura!

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