Sunday, October 13, 2013

Power Ghouls Catastrophe Review

Torelai AKA Catastrophe is my First PG Doll,I Saw her and I had to grab her up because I knew she'd be hard to find if I waited.
She reminds me of CatWoman,I love her!

First The Box,it of course reminds me of a Comic Book and the Doll is a Target Exclusive as are all the Power Ghouls.
The Back has Large Artwork of her and a News Story of her as well as Artwork of Frankie as Voltageous.

Here she is with the Box removed,I love the 3 Dimensional Background,though on the Art it looks like WonderWolf Pushed her out the Window,but I think she jumped out trying to escape and Clawdeen AKA WW is making a Grab for her.

also when I took her out I found that her Tail wasn't even attached to her just the box.
Lol Missing Something Tor?
Since She comes with a Comic Book-With Beautiful Artwork I might add-I'll post it here for you to read if you want.

Young Toralei is so cute!

I was Hoping Wydowna was bad,we need more Mean Girls
Toralei also comes with a Saddle Stand which is perfect for Action poses.

Tor's Accessories are,Her Mask,Earrings,Belt,Bracelets and Gloves.
She has Black Studs in her ears and one Small Black hoop.

Her Gloves are Molded on her Hands like her basic and are pretty much her fingerless Gloves in black not red. 
She has Silver studded Stack Bracelets Molded together and another studded Silver Cuff on the other arm,with a Matching Mouse on top that has Wheels for legs. it's so cute!
her Utility Belt is Silver as well it has Diamond Studs around it and a Kitty Face on the Front,with a Pouch on the Side and a loop with Orange plastic Feathers Dangling from it.

Her Mask is Black and a Flexible Rubber,it pretty much looks like a Cat Mask,it's studded and Even has molded Whiskers! the Sides are long and Curl in Slightly,it's held in place by a plastic band. I don't know if you could keep it in place without the band as she doesn't have human ears.

The Makeup
This Toralei's Face is really pretty without the Mask! She has different Makeup than her Original. I didn't take a Side by Side shot but I do have Close ups of them individually. Instead of the Bold Makeup,her Eyeshadow is a Reddish Orange with Lavender on the Lid,the Lips from what I can tell are the same Burgundy red though. 

The Hair
her Hair is alot Different than her Original,aside from the Color. For one it's Much Longer,going to her Waist,it's in a Slicked back Ponytail and the Stripes are pretty Dominant. The lighter Orange where the Stripes are,is Shorter than the rest and right out of the Box,VERY stiff,with a Strong smell from the Streaks (Smells like Permanent marker) I didn't wanted to but I had to Brush it out as the hair was just not good looking,the Streaks stayed but they're not as Dominant. 
It's still pretty stiff,contrasting with the softness of the rest of her hair,but I don't want to wash out the streaks. 

I might add that it is just the pony part that's stiff,not the top of her hair. 

The Outfit
Tor's outfit is a Catsuit lol,it's Orange-Red and Black Tiger Striped,with a Small Lapel Collar,with that,her hair and The Orange Tiger Skullette on the Front of the Suit,I'm thinking Toralei isn't just a Cat Girl but a Tigress. 
I'm not sure but I don't think the legs of the Catsuit go all the way down. 
Her Knee High Boots hide that though,they are red with matching Tiger Stripes or Claw Marks Down both sides of the Boots (hard to tell as they're all one Color I'll be painting them) 
The Sole and Heel are Black,with Ridges around and under the sole. 
They are very easy to get off.
before I forget about Her Tail,it's the same Tail as the WereCat Twins and it Falls off Easily. but without it,it leaves a Gaping hole in her back and the Suit does little to hide it.
Ugh...oh well.
well that's it for Catastrophe's Review!
I'd give her a 9 out of 10,she'd be perfect if it weren't for that hair. I also wish she had come with something like Clawdeen did,like a Whip or a Bag with a Jewel in it.
out of this Line,she's not the Most Fantastic. but still if you lucked out on Getting the First Toralei,this a Great chance to get her again in a New Form!
My Next Review will be Home Ick Abby and Heath.
It will be my last review for awhile as I don't have the money to get more,yet.

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