Friday, October 11, 2013

Swim Class Frankie Review

Have been Procrastinating,but here's the review!

Swim Class Frankie (Along with Rochelle and Holt) Are Justice Exclusive's. once you add on the 40% off,which is ALWAYS there-they are a fair price at $15.00

Frankie comes with Her Towel,Sunglasses and Bag. just like the other's they have a Flourescent look and some of the Bathing suit has Clear colored plastic attached. It's very 80's to me with the neon colors.
here's Frankie with everything. No Stand,nor does she have her ears Pierced.
Frankie's only Jewelry are Clear Blue Bracelets,they are Blue Versions of Sweet 1600 Frankie's Bracelets. which is nice for me since I do not have her.
Frankie comes with a Large Lime yellow Bag in a Clear hard plastic,the design are nuts and bolts,the Top is open and the handles are made to look like the design.
The Towel is pretty small,like the other's it matches her Bathing suit,Yellow and Black nuts and bolts with White and Blue Lighting bolt Designs all over,Her Glasses are the same Yellow as her bag with a Lighting Bolt Edging,but they are way too big for her,they don't even perch on her head!

They Fit Jackson though!
Frankie's shoes are Yellow Clear Versions of Sweet 1600 Frankie's shoes.
I think they look pretty cool like this
Frankie has Neon Yellow Eyeshadow all over,with Black liner,she has Bright Pink Lips also. I think it's cute without going overboard.
The Outfit
Frankie's Suit,like the rest in the Swim line,is a One piece,the Main part of the Suit is Strapless with a Yellow,Silver and Black Nuts and Bolts Design. Sewn onto it is a Clear,Bright Blue Lightning Bolt Design,that goes around her waist all the way up her Front to attach around her Neck.
The Hair
Frankie's Hair is My Favorite,as far as Style goes it's not that Different,in a Simple High up Ponytail,with Bangs cut in a Diagonal to one side. with LOTS of gel! 
But here's what's Different underneath her hair there's Blue! a very pretty Bright blue,I love and I can't wait until we Get a Frankie with her hair down and Blue in it!

I decided though,while I like her bangs the way they are,her hair needed to come down,which because of her bangs was hard to do and have it flow nice. I finally wrangled parts of her hair back and in a braid with the rest down. I will straighten it soon.

What do you think?

I give Frankie an 8 out of 10,I think she's pretty but she doesn't really wow (until I took her hair down) and I wish they would have gave her a New hairstyle,also they could scale the Beach Towels to the Dolls. other than that I love the colors and love the new color in her hair!
Well that's all on Frankie,when I get Rochelle and Holt I will more than likely do them too.
I will be doing The Oasis,so stay tuned for a longer Review next time!
New Hairstyle Spam!!

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