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Desert Frights Oasis Playset Review

Surprise Review!
Even though you knew this was coming sooner or
before I start I just have to say where was this in the Movie? yeah they fell into the Lamp,onto Sand but I didn't see a Beach anywhere. maybe it'll be shown in a Webisode?
I wish that Howleen had wished for Cleo to go to an Abandoned Island or something,instead of what she did wish for.
ah well I still really do like the Set.
Beach Party!

So Far I have not reviewed a Playset that came with a Doll,I have the Coffin Bean but gave away Clawdeen and I have not reviewed any of the Beds.
Since this is my first time,I've decided to talk about the Doll First and then the Set.
First here's the box,it is Rather large Obviously,has the Purple Smoke around the Edges and has Window to show Cleo with a Drink in her hand. it also shows a picture of the playset and her posing in one of the chairs.
The back is pretty similar,except she's in the Hot Tub? and they show you how it works.

it comes Disassembled so you have to put it together yourself (except for the chairs) but it's the easiest playset so far.

Cleo's only Jewelry are Earrings and a ponytail holder. 
Her Earrings are -like always-Egyptian themed and Gold,but I'm not sure exactly what they are. anyone know?
Her hair piece is Gold Also and in an Egyptian Crown like Design. it has a hard time staying in her hair and Constantly pops off. 
Cleo has Teal Eyeshadow,with Shimmery Gold on the Brow and thick Egyptian Eyeliner.
Her lips are a Hot Pink.
Nothing too special but still pretty.

Her Hair is My Favorite thing about the Doll. Not too Different but Straight and without the Tinsel,it gives off a more Mature look. 
It is Black with heavy teal streaks and she has Bangs,cut straight across. but No gel! 
her hair is as Soft as Skull Shores Clawdeen or My Dead Tired Cleo once I took all the Tinsel out.
it reaches to her knees and the front is pulled away from her face. 

Cleo's Bathing suit is a One Piece,it comes with a wrap Tied-no Velcro-around her waist,It's is teal with a Bandage Wrap Design.
Her Bathing suit is a interesting Pattern of Black under a Teal,Salmon Pink and Shimmery Gold Egyptian Designs,like the Wall Carvings from a Pyramid,it has a small Keyhole at the top and Ties at the neck with a Gold tie. 

Sorry about the Crotch shot.....
Her shoes are Gold heeled sandals,that wrap almost all the way around the ankle,with a winged tip,they are open toed but with a strap for the big toes. they are etched with Carvings on the straps,top of the feet and going around the sides of the bottoms. 
well that's it for Cleo,all in all I think she's a very pretty doll. simple but still has a Maturity about her.

The Playset
This is Monster High's first Beach set and I like how it has a Arabic,Volcanic feel to it.
I will Start with the Lounge chairs first,there are two of them and the only Furniture pieces to sit on. (or lay rather)
they Are Gold with lots of Cutouts all over,some of them-to me-look like faces.
they curve all the way down and are raised slightly up off the ground at the bottom in back. they also have Grommets going all the Way around. as well as a Wavy Design at the top and Bottoms that give off a Royal feel.

as you can see they are not long enough for the ghouls feet to lay on-especially Nefera-but they look good none the less.
The Cabana
The Cabana or Covering is pretty tall,you assemble the Top to the Legs and the shelves to the inside.
The Top is Very pretty it's a Clear Hard plastic in Pink and Blue. The Top has Various Cutouts while the Bottom has few designs on it and goes out into a ridged awning. 
The Very Top has a Gold Skullette of Gigi!
Or is that you Whisp?
The Legs (which I didn't get a proper pic of sorry) look a bit like Spindly Spider legs-or Licorice,they make a Twisted Effect and curve up at the feet. at the top they have spider webbing. The two shelves inside are Black as well and are made to look like Webs. with grommets on the back. 

Sorry about the lack of Pics here,I thought I got it all XD

The Oasis
or Hot Tub/Volcano whatever you want to call it lol
I'll start with the Palm Tree's that you attach to it. They are Gold and look well like spines. with Large Green plastic Leaves,that also have small cutouts. 
again sorry for no detail picture XD but here's one with Venus and Chewlian hanging out on it!
The Base is very much in the shape of the bottom of a Volcano an is the Same Color as one (aside from the Sparkles) It's Black or a Very Dark Brown and pretty roomy but could be bigger,since the Tree's and platter take up most of the space. The Bottom,inside has a Sugar Skullette on it! as you can see there are two places for the ghouls to sit comfortably (though according to the box,it's for the items) 
Here is Lagoona and Lala trying it out.
also it does have an effect,it Bubbles when you put water in it! but the button is Manual,you have to keep pushing it and it barely bubbles....
Can you even tell ?
ah well it's still pretty neat,I really like how it looks on it's own.

The Items
also before I talk about the items I'm going to tell you about what they sit on,I think it's a platter,that you attach to the side of the Pool...(it's going to have many names) it again has a cutout Design,all except for the Middle which is just flat,round,smooth plastic. to me it resembles a Bow. also no I don't have a Picture of just that....I was more unprepared for this Review than I thought I was. oh well....
the set comes with a Black bottle of Lotion (for Cleo?) No sticker,just plain. a Gold Cup with a Whipped Purple Smoothie? and a Purple Straw with what looks like a Lemon in the drink (all molded into one) The Other drink looks like it belongs to Draculaura,it is all Pink and has Bat wings on each side. looks tropical. it also comes with a Gold Bowl of what Vaguely resembles Pink? Fruit. 
I didn't know Apple's and what looks like Squash came in pink??
Last but not least is the Fire Pit. it is all black (coals too of course) Except for the Small orange flame in the middle) it has a Blue Cover that comes off with a Matching Spider Molded on top and has Cutouts down the sides ,more like Slits for the "smoke" the Little Legs make it look like it could come alive at any moment...

So that's the end of my Review,I would give it a 8 out of 10. as I wish the fire lit up,I also wish the Tub was battery operated as far the Bubbles go,that's my biggest Complaint. they also could have added some throw pillows in their as it's supposed to be Gigi's place,but maybe I can make some. 
Other than that I really like it provides me with more places to display my dolls!
To make up for the lack of pictures through out here's some More Pics!
Cleo Found a New way to wear her Wrap! she's wearing Spectra's skirt.

Nefera wanted in!

Until Next Time!

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