Monday, June 9, 2014

Long Time No See Dolls!!

So I haven't Bought any New Dolls Yet,Really because I haven't found any! No I♥Fashion Venus and Cleo,No Cedar Wood OR Zombie Shake :( Hopefully the Stores Get on the ball soon!
Doesn't Mean I haven't Bought any Dolls! I Recently Purchased The Diener With Lala and Operetta.

Hubby also Bought Me,The Secret Creepers Crypt and New Scaremester Catrine
As well as Art Class Skelita and Robecca,Ever After High Blondie Locks,all Three of Which I shamefully Did not Take Pictures of :/ and EAH Apple White.
Her Curls are the Best From a Mattel Doll to date!!

I also Got a Loose Wave 1 Clawdeen For $10.00,So Cheap!!

That's it! even though they are Slightly Older and there's lots of Bloggers that have already Done Reviews on them,If You would like a Review of any of them let me know!

Also Update about My Pregnancy! I am 5 Months along and Were Having a Boy,His Name Will Be Adrian Rhys :)

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  1. Long time reader,but never commented. Just wanted to say that I feel your pain! I too haven't been buy any of the new MH dolls as I have too not found them. I hope that I'm not missing them in the way back of the shelves,being too slow to arrive to the store before someone else gets them or something else. Hopefully soon the new ones will show up.