Sunday, February 16, 2014

Briar and Madeline Getting Fairiest

So I finally Feel Motivated Enough to write up this review. Well and I'm taking a break from buying Baby Clothes,Stroller and Maternity Wear lol

Doing Maddie and Briar Together as I'm going to do Apple and Raven when I get there Playsets.

First up their Boxes.
There Backdrops Consist of a Painted Pastel Room,it has A Window,Painting and Wood Flooring With a Rug. it also has a 3 Dimensional Mirror off to the side. and the Page is Curled Over to Reveal Words Spelling out Getting Fairest. Briar's Box is Pink While Maddie's is Teal.

 They have there Box Art on the Back With Text Back and Forth Between Cupid asking about what they should Wear to a Dance. (I'm thinking True Hearts Day)

 Now onto the Dolls I'll Do Maddie Hatter First as she is my First Madeline Doll.

 She comes With A Stand and her Shelving that has a place for two Headbands and a Compact.

The Accessories
Maddie's Accessories are 3 Headbands and a Compact. No Jewelry as this is a Pajama Line. (though NOT a Sleep over one,it could be used for that though)

The Headband on her head is Teal With a Gold Teapot on Top.

 The other Two are Black With a Small Purple 2 Dimensional Top Hat on the Side and a purple headband With a Large Heart shaped,Teal Top Hat on Top.
They come on this Dark Teal Unique Round Shelf With Cutouts all over,attached to the outer shelves.
The Bottom Shelf sits a Tiny Mint Colored Compact that has what looks like a Shell Design in the Middle and it does open.
The Shelf itself is Mostly Magenta With lots of Cutouts and Curlicues. The Top Front has a Gold Leafy Design as well as other Designs all over and in the Center is a Giant Top hat With a Large Bow,the Front is Painted a Mint Blue.

Makeup,Skin & Height 
Maddie has Light Brown eyebrows,Teal Eyes and Pale Pink Eye shadow With a Dark Blue Crease. Her Lips are also a Shiny Pale Pink.
Maddie has Olive Skin and is The Shortest of all the Girls,The Same Height as Howleen and Twyla of Monster High (sorry forgot to take Comparison shots)
here's her Posing With Briar.
Her shortness Mixed With the Pigtails,her Round Face and Dimples makes her even Cuter!

The Hair
Maddie's Hair is Pulled in two Curled Pig tails and is Very Poofy.
Her hair is a Dark Plum Color in Front and A Bright Mint Color in Back as well as Most of the top of her hair.
I love the Colors but I'm not Terribly Excited over the Execution of the Curls.
The Outfit
Maddie's outfit is a Nightgown Under a Robe With Slippers.
Her Robe is a Dark Teal and Shiny With Slight Puffed Sleeves,that end at the elbow,The Trim at the bottom is a Purple Tulle.

Her Nightgown is White With a Wide Spaced Pattern of Medium sized Tea Cups and Pots in Fuchsia and Teal.
The Bottom is Ruffled With Thick Black and White Stripes.
it has Teal Thread around the Neck and Capped Sleeves.
Her Slippers are all one Mold and a Hard Rubber.
They are Fuchsia With a Teapot on the Front and the Sides are supposed to look like soft fur I think. They are alot like MH's Dead Tired Slippers except in all one color.
That's all for Maddie I really do like Her Nightgown and Accessories. I just wish her hair looked better. 

Now onto Briar. 
She like Maddie, Comes With A Stand and Shelf as Well as a Compact but comes With Sunglasses instead.
The Accessories
Her Accessories include a Compact,2 pairs of Sunglasses and a Hair Accessory. 
Her Hair Accessory are Hot Pink Roses That Clip in to her hair Molded onto Vines That Wrap around a section of her hair. 
They are My Favorite thing about her!
Her Tiny Compact is made to look like a Hot Pink Rose,it does open. in fact Mine Doesn't Close!
One Pair of Sunglasses is Black With Dark Pink Flowers and Beads going over the Top. 
The Other Pair is Light Pink and look a bit like First Wave Briar's Crown Glasses. 
They are Oval Shaped and Quite Large With Roses and Hearts Framing The Top and Sides. 
because of her hair Accessory getting in the way. first Wave Briar is Modeling them. 

of the two My Favorite's are the Black one's. 

Last but not least her Shelf. 
The Shelving is Light Pink and has the Same Molded on Ever After Symbol as the Stands. 
The Outer Shelving is Black With Cutout Vine Work and Roses Making a Unique Pattern down the sides on Top of the sides are Black Roses as well as at the bottoms. 
At the Top in Front are a Nest of Hot Pink Roses,making an Arch. 

Briar's Makeup is the Same as Maddie's so I'll be skipping it. 

The Hair
Briar's hair is Straight this Time,With the Same Pink Streaks, and a Strand Twisted off to the side. 
Simple but Pretty!
The Outfit
Her outfit consists of a Romper,Robe and Slippers. 
Her Robe is Hot Pink With Slightly Puffy elbow Length Sleeves. around the Front and Down the Bottom is Pale Pink Chiffon Trim. 
Her Romper I would wear! It is a Tie Dye of Hot and Pale Pink With Black Thorns all over it. The Top is Black Lace Ruffles With a Black Satin Ribbon and Straps. 
Her Slippers are Light Pink on the Front is a Large Rose and around the Heel are Thorny Vines. It has the Same Cushioned Look as Maddie's. 
As Far as Which I like Best? Briar Wins By Far. I like Pretty much everything about this Doll!
and that's it on Maddie and Briar hope you Enjoyed!

Best Friends Forever After


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