Wednesday, November 21, 2012

my Top 3 Pics of the Day!

Every day I am going to put my Top 3 Pics From Flickr (at least try to everyday) with Comments below on what I like about Each picture.
Enjoy These Lovely Images!
Don't Worry No Dolly Porn.

Howleen Wolf by pukunui81
I love the Colors,how he did her hair and the Motion of those Dice! I'm Envious I wish I could Take Pictures half as good as he does! he's also on the Same Facebook Group as me Adults Fans of MH,so Hi! :)

Summer and Barbie by x_fashionluva_x
Fierce! I love their Looks Especially Summer,They are the Ever Elusive Fashion Fever Dolls.
Kirana by alexbabs
A Masquerade Bratz Doll,I want! I think she's supposed to be a Vampire,This is not her Original Outfit but I love this shot! I had Odelia but I'm Selling her (Nude) as she is Lopsided (one leg is shorter than the other :/) 
I want to do More but I said I'd only do 3 Maybe I'll Cheat and Make another Post after this one lol also after Watching Lexi Bee's Room Tour Video (Love her,she is so cute and we're alot alike!) I decided I'm going to be doing a Room Tour of my own as well as prbly my Lvr. so I'll be posting that on my YouTube if anyone wants to see Levathia1 Trust me if you like Dolls and Cute things you'll like My Room XD
So yeah,I should prbly End my Post here buh bye!
oh also Random Video of my Dog Jacob lol

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