Monday, November 26, 2012

Jinafire Long Review

Just wanted to tell Everyone that my BFF is Fine he had really Bad Heartburn (almost a Heart attack) and was Throwing up which is why he was in the Hospital overnight but he's better now and out of the Hospital :)
So onto the Review

Now before you ask no her hair is not Braided I did that Myself it is pulled off to the side though.
I found Jinafire at Justice for $17-Originally $20-along with the other 3 Except Skelita hopefully I will be getting her soon.
as you can see she comes with a Suitcase and also a Journal as well as a Brush and Stand. I wish they had given her a Dark Purple or Red Stand instead of Black but that's just me being Picky :p
also my only other Complaint is that She didn't come with a Pet :( her pet I'm assuming is the Dragon on the Cover.
you Can read her Journal on My Flickr FrankenGhoul
I also love the Artwork!
Her Suitcase is Red with Orange Flames on Top and a Black Oriental like Handle that does Retract.
Her suitcase looks like it could Hold an Outfit and I know it can hold Small Accessories.
The Wheels also Move and it can stand by itself.
Now onto the Doll she has the Same Poseability as the rest of The Dolls.  

Hair and Makeup
Her hair is Down to her Waist,Layered and very soft the Green with Black streaks and the Bun remind me of Sailor Pluto though I'm sure it's just supposed to be a Chinese Hairstyle. The Headpiece does come off as it is just attached by a Rubber Band.
The Tassels on the head piece also come off.

Her eye makeup is very Originale and her eyes are Lizard like though could be a bit smaller. Her eyebrows are also the Most Interesting of all the Ghouls.
 Her skin is a Shimmery Gold Color with Scales and her Front is like a Dragon Belly.
Warning Nudity beyond this point!

also as you can see yes I do Believe she is the Same size as Nefera or Operetta in the Bust.

I love how Intricate they Made her and Skelita. Her Tail is Smooth with Green Tuft (plastic) at the end. her Tail does come off quite Easily though.

She also has Pointed Ears. 
And her Hands are Soft with very long Fingers/Talons. 
 Her Dress is a Short Plum Chinese Dress with Chinese Dragon Designs on it and one Sheer Flared Sleeve.
She also has Sheer in Front as well but it is Attached to her belt.
Without the Belt.
Her Accessories are Orange or light Red Chinese Bell like Earrings,a Orange Arm Band that wraps around like a Snake and her Gold Belt which has what looks like a Chain Dangling from it with a Skullete Attached.

Her Shoes are Orange on the top and Around the Ankles with Gold Talons on the bottom holding what looks like Gold Dragon Eggs maybe? also the heel is Gold and very Detailed.
and that's it as far as Jinafire goes,I would Highly Reccomend her and the other Scaris Dolls for Collectors!
Mattel did a Fantastic job on the Details and making each of them Stand out. They are worth the $20.00 
I hope Mattel keeps up with this Level of Quality in the near future!

My Next Review Will be Scaris Rochelle Goyle!

until Next time

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