Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top 5 pics

Yes I said I would make another post lol
also I finished taping my Room Video so I will upload it Tomorrow!
Toralei by stillleben
This Picture is Awesome wish I had thought of doing this with my Coffin Bean oh well. I love Tor's outfit here The orange and that Jacket look Great on her! of course Orange looks Great on her! lol
Abby by ryanblackwolf
This is so pretty,I thought this was GR Abby but this might just be Basic. I love the Braids and the Recolored Spectra Purse and the Handmade? Dress,everything is perfect! it also looks like she's in Front of an Elevator. 
Scaris Howleen by WookieWarrior23MH (Hey I follow her on YouTube!)
Did they give this Howleen Extensions?! I love it,Makes her look older,I also love her Jacket and Shoes. not too Keen on the Repainted Suitcase but they Tried. 

Black and white and chic all over by partymonstrrrr

This is a My Melody Barbie in another outfit. I was going to get her on Saturday but she went back up to 30.00 so nvm.... I can buy a Scaris and Picture Day for  that Price! But I do think she looks really good here!

Scaris by clawdeena
Speaking of Scaris! the Top 3 Dolls I want to get in this Line are Clawdeen,Skelita and Rochelle. and Ghoulia from the Basic line. but I do plan on getting all of them! 
btw Idk how Clawdeena (Mathew) is IRL but I really do like most of his pictures and if he's not a Good Photographer than I Must be a Horrible one! I also really like his Reviews. but that's just me. blame the Parents guys,not the kids!

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