Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Picture Day Lagoona Blue Review

It's been almost a Month since I've done a review sorry! Just haven't been that inspired to write one. the Last  Monster High Doll I got was Sweet 1600 Clawd and since he is not complete I won't be doing a review on him.
But My Husband Surprised me with PD Lagoona,Yesterday, She was only $10.00 on Angelic Dreams Ebay!
So with out in further ado,lets get right into it!

First the Box,with A Card From AD
Just like Every PD Box

The Back has Some New Pictures on the Back as well as Lagoona's Beautiful Box Art and Her Bio. it also Shows the Two Other new Dolls in the Line Frankie and Operetta. Also the 2 Disc DVD for Friday night Frights and Why do Ghouls fall in love.
Lagoona does come with a Stand as well as a Folder,Purse and Her Fearbook.
Inside the Fearbook

New Stickers
My Votes!
Now as Usual will start with Her Accessories 

The Folder or Binder that she comes with is an Aqua or Mint Color,with a fish Scale Pattern,Bubbles on the Top and a Seahorse as the Clasp.
Her Purse is Pink and Made to look like Coral,with Yellow Seaweed as the Handle. (though I've never actually seen Yellow Seaweed) the purse does have an opening at the top,but the rest is a Hard plastic.
Lagoona Has Two Bracelets one is a Simple Hot Pink,the other is Gold Beads.
 Her Earrings are really neat one is a hot pink Coral Color and Molded to look like Seashells Dangling from Chains or Beads.
The other is a Neon Green Tentacle.

 Lagoona's shoes are Simple but Cute! they Are Teal Sandals with Bubbles that make up the Wedge.

The Outfit
At first Glance Lagoona's outfit looks like a Conglomeration of Colors Randomly put together. but once you really look at it,it's pretty cute. very 80's and the Color's seem to go together in an odd sort of way.
Her Minidress is Teal with Pink coral,Lime Green Seaweed and Black Fish bones all over it. 
the upper part around her Bust is a Orange shimmery Material,it has a Bow on it but the bow is not as Puffy as in Pictures. it's actually Flat. the Material is also not as Rough or Cheap looking as I had Previously thought. it ties in back with a Shimmery Pale pink Material.
The Hem is a Green Taffeta. 
She has a Black Cotton Fishnet Bolero Jacket,to kind of not overwhelm you with bright colors.
Her Capri's or Short Leggings are a Shimmery Iridescent Pink.
Her Belt is Made to look like Gold Rope and is made out of soft plastic or Rubber.

Her make up isn't over the Top but still Bright and pretty! Her eyeshadow is Light Pink,with a Purple crease and Hot Pink on the Brow bone as well as Glitter,the Bottom is a light blue.
Her Lips are Bubble gum pink. Mine unfortunately Got smudged. but oh well.
The Hair
I must have got Lucky on her hair because I don't find it that bad,it's Soft not Course,very Full,Wavy and Curly in the Back.
Her Bangs are Gelled to the Side but what do you Expect? we girls have to do that to our own hair if we wanna style it.
Puffy Softness!

The Back isn't as Nice as the Front Just because the way she was in the Box,some of her Hair was stuck in one of the Tabs :(
But I still love her hair and Love styling it.

So that's it for Lagoona,she's not one of my Favorite of the Picture Day that I have that Goes to Cleo. but I still love her,she still is perfect for any Doll Collector!


  • Her Hair,while the Curls still do bunch up at times and it got a little Flat from being in the Box,It's still Super Soft,Full,Fun to style and that Bang adds a nice touch.
  • Her Makeup and Face is so pretty,the best one of Lagoona yet (Besides DOTD and Swim)
  • Her outfit is Funky and neat,also you can Pair Each piece of Clothing with Something else.
  • I love her Earrings! 


  • Her Leggings aren't my Favorite but they're not bad
  • That Dang Gold Bracelet,should have been Tighter as I have already lost it...
  • Wish her Purse was more Pliable. 
  • Her shoes are Cute but they Come off really Easy
  • Her stand was not the best and May get sold.

Now For some outdoor fun!


  1. Lovely pictures! I really like this Lagoona, but don't like the orange bow-thing on the bodice - that's the bit that puts me off - I think everything else about her is great though. Conflicted about whether to get her or not!

  2. I love your reviews. Lagoona is very cool. I have just started a Monster high blog for my collection so please visit me, Lola x http://lolaisloopy.blogspot.co.uk/