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Life in The Dreamhouse Midge and Raquelle Reviews

So after a long Hiatus I'm back! Babysitting as I mentioned last time and Dealing with some Drama. But now I can finally do another review. as I've had the Dream House Dolls for awhile now and all the pictures are uploaded I decided to do them now and save the other 13 wishes for later.
Warning!: as I am doing 2 Dolls,this will be longer than usual....

I know some don't like them because they have bigger heads and Eyes than the Normal Barbies,I for one don't mind,they are made from a show and I love how Expressive they look and how close to the Show they are. The only one's I'm not a big fan of are the one's in the 2 packs.
but anyway onto the review,starting with them in box.

The boxes are pretty cute,they are Pink with a clear window,the upper right has a Picture of Raquelle or Midge from the show,and says their name down the side,the bottom shows the Dreamhouse as well as Raquelle,Teresa,Barbie,Nikki,Midge and Summer from the show. it says Barbie in Giant Pink Script on the left. the Box itself is thinner than regular boxes.
The Back is also Pink,the entire left side shows Barbie,Ken (who they will soon be making),Nikki,Teresa,Summer and Midge or Raquelle depending on the doll,Peeking out from behind a Pink Door. the Right side Shows Stills of Raquelle from the Show and a Little Bio. 
The inside is a Pale speckled Blue and given how the doll is packaged reminds me of a collectors or Vintage doll.
Here is Midges Bio, Photo is not mine belongs to Lemon Dolls Blogspot
I'll Start with Raquelle,Barbie's Rival, first.

 She comes with a Necklace,Belt and Purse. 
Her Necklace is plastic and Molded to look like Gold Beads,with a Black Ribbon on the top right side. 
Her Belt is Molded Gold studs. and is slightly more Rubbery than the Hard plastic Necklace.
They are not separate.
Her Purse is a Rubbery Plastic and does not open.
It's Gold Also but not as Bright as the Necklace. the top has some Buttons on the top and other designs down the Front with a ring at the bottom. sorry I'm bad at Describing Purses...
Raquelle's shoes are Simple Pumps that are supposed to be Red I think but they look Pink.

They each come with an Extra outfit,I will be describing the Second outfit later. (same with Midge) right now I will show the outfit that she came in. 
Her Color is Definitely Gold.
Raquelle wears a Simple White Sleeveless Top (that she fills out quite Nicely I might add) under a Gold Shiny Pleather Jacket,the Sleeves are Elbow Length. 
Next is the Skirt that Velcros around the Top,It's Black and feels like a Chiffon Material,it falls in Layers to above her knees and Has a shimmer to it. it's very Flattering and I love it. Underneath she wears Black Capri Leggings with a thin Line of Red at the Bottoms. 
The only problem I have is the Jacket limits her Mobility a Bit but otherwise I love it!
This is as High as her Arms can go with the Jacket on,but still not too bad

Since these are the First Barbie's I'm reviewing,I'm glad to be able to talk about their newer Bodies. they are Articulated like the Fashionista's and some So In Style Dolls,but they have an added Feature. they're Chest Moves as well,they have Mobility in that Area Much like the Sybarite Dolls do. but probably not as Mobile,as I do not own one,I'm unsure. 
Of course Raquelle would be the Exhbitionist! 
With their newer bodies they can Move their Torso Front to Back,though not very Far and it hardly makes a Difference when they have clothes on. also Side to Side,to strike sassy poses. 

Her Leg articulation makes it easy to Kneel and I happen to love this pose!

She can also do the Side Splits perfectly! 
I'll leave you with this :)
Raquelle's Hair is Black long and Silky,With some Gel in it to keeps it's slight Waves.

I think Between her and Midge's hair,her's is the best to me.

First off I have to Comment on her Expression,it's the Expression she usually wears on Dream House and I love that they gave it to her doll! that one raised eyebrow,Squinty eye and Smirk gives off so much character! 
The Rooted Eyelashes they gave the Dolls,also adds to it! and depending on the Angle she can have lots of Different Moods.


Her eyes are a Caramel Brown outlined with thin Black Liner and Grey Silver eyeshadow.
her Lips are a Shiny Pink Color and she has a slight blush.
I like the Simplicity of the Makeup,while still looking High Fashion and her Eyes are Gorg! 

Now onto,Barbie's Long Time Friend, Midge!
I grew up Loving Midge,so I was super Excited that after so long,they finally made her again!

Midge's Accessories are also Gold,though I would have to say her Color is probably Blue. 
She has plastic Gold Drop Earrings and a large Gold Necklace,made to look like it has Gems on it. Fancy!
She also has a Gold cuff Bracelet on one wrist that looks like it has gems and Pearls on it. 
She has a Red Satchel Bag,it is all plastic and does not open. it has Molded Clasps on top with a Molded design around it and Frills at the bottom. it looks very old Country to me. Perfect for Midge.  
To break up all the red in her outfit,they gave her Black Sandal Pumps,that resemble Mary Janes,a Buckle goes around the ankle as well as a Strap down the front. 
She stands very well in them,unlike Raquelle. 

Midge's outfit looks like a Two Piece but is actually a Dress
The Top Part is Sleeveless and made out of a thick Rough Materiel,kind of like a Corset. it is a Bright Red with Shimmers all over it and Blue thread down the Front,to make it look handmade I think.  over it is a light Red almost Orange,Cardigan with white polka Dots all over it,the Sleeves stop at the Elbows. 

The Skirt Part is Layered and Frilly. it is a Dark Blue with a Large Red Rose Print all over it, the Hem is threaded in Red. it is made to look like Jean but is softer. 
Midge's Makeup is Simplistic but cute just like her! she has Gourges Blue eyes outlined with thin Black liner,her upper brow is in a Dark Brown,with a Navy Blue Crease and Cotton Candy Pink on the lid. Her cute Pursed Lips are also in a Shiny Bubblegum Pink. I love her Freckles!
Her Eyelashes give her a Demure look and from the side she looks like Vintage Midge!

Chubby Cheeks!
Midge's hair is a Carrot Colored Red super Shiny and Soft,with some Gel at the ends to hold her Curls. it's very Bouncy too lol
it stops at her waist. 
she does have Bangs which I'm not super keen on as I don't like how they rooted them,with a Tiny bit off to the side. also her Hair is thinner than Raquelle's on top. 
but it's still pretty!

Now onto their Second outfits!
First here are their First one's all laid out. 
and their new one's!
I'll Start with Raquelle's first,it's a Mini Dress in Dark red,with Black glittery Stars all over. The Top is Black pleather and has one sleeve,the Sleeves is also Black pleather with Red Trim,reminds me of the bottom of a Flamenco dress. it's a pretty Design but it's not my Favorite,it's pretty much a Club dress and her Boobs seem to want to Pop out. 

Now I know why the Shoes are red!

onto Midge,of the Two I like her's the best. it's one piece,the Top is Navy Blue (her boobs make it look more sheer than it is) with White Polka Dots all over and the Sleeves are short and Frilly,The Skirt part is a Light Blue with a Gingham,Diamond pattern all over in Blue,red and yellow,the Hem is red. it Flares out Nicely around her legs. The Dress Very much reminds me of a Homemade,Housewife 40's Dress. 

So much so that I had to do this!
Now for the Pro's and Con's

  • I love that they answered my Wish and came out with Life in The Dream House Dolls!
  • They look so much like their Characters
  • Love the Articulation
  • Love the Extra outfit they come with
  • Midge Finally,yay!
  • love the Rooted Eyelashes and Different Expressions 
  • Maybe I'm spoiled with MH but I wish they would have come with stands
  • not too Keen on the Accessories being all plastic but I'm used to it with Barbie
  • Just my personal Opinion but I think Raquelle's Second Dress makes her look like a Skank...yet I still have her in it.... 
Now all they need to do is make Ryan and Skipper and I'll be happy!
Photo Bomb!


well that's all for them! Hope you Enjoyed! lots of MH Reviews coming soon and My First Pinkie Cooper Review!

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