Saturday, November 16, 2013

Black Carpet Clawdeen Review

Black Carpet Review Part 3!

Clawdeen and Lala are My Faves in this Line. Though Lagoona is Quickly growing on me.
finally I Can show you an in box Pic!
and a Close up of her Box Art
Now onto the Doll
Clawdeen comes with A Purse and Wearing A Belt,Necklace and one Earring.
Everything is Gold Except Her purse.
It is a Fuchsia Color and in the Shape of a Crescent Moon with Studs and Grooves all over,Even the Handle is Studded. The Beads that Dangle From it have Little Crescent Moons at the Ends.
Her Belt is Pretty Thick with Studs on it and a Molded Belt Buckle,with a Chain Attached going around the Middle as well,short Strands of Beads Dangle From the Chain as Well as Her Skullette.
Her Earring is a Studded Crescent Moon with Four Beaded Prongs sticking out. 
He Necklace looks alot like the Rose Shoulder Guards on Briar Beauty. It's a Gold Studded Choker with Various Chains Looped together and A Crescent Moon molded on as well as short Beads Dangling From it and More Beads Attached to the Sides Making a wide Circle like Shoulder Guards.  There's alot going on and because it's all one Mold,it's hard to see all the little Details. 
My Favorite is her Earring and Purse.

The Makeup
Her Makeup is Mint Green on Her eyelid (which I think is a first) and a Shimmer of Gold on Her brow bone and under eye.
Her Lips are a Matte Red.
Her Eyeshadow doesn't really match her outfit or Hair but I like that they decided to go a different route. it Contrasts nicely.
The Hair
Clawdeen's Hair is Pulled off to the Side in Thick Beautiful Curls as well as one thick Strand swept up from her Face and Curled on it's own.
The Colors are streaks of Cranberry purple,mainly in Front though there's a Few thick Strands in the pony. The Rest is an Amber Color. which I don't think we've ever Seen aside From her More Blonder hair in 13 Wishes.
it's very Pretty and some of the best Curls they've Done!

The outfit
Clawdeen's outfit is A Mini dress,With Elbow length Sheer Purple Leopard Print Sleeves the Top is the Same and ends Just above her Boobs,with the Rest of the Dress Black with Purple and Gold Designs in an Art Deco like Fashion,along with Crescent Moons.
it's Definitely a Body Con Dress as they call it now. The Bottom is Trimmed with two Layers of Thick Poofy Fuschia Tulle. Also with or without The Belt it still looks Great and is my Favorite along with Lala's of this line.
Last but not least,Her shoes.
They are Gold and the Same Heeled Peep toe as the other's. The heels are Studded, with what looks like Gems around the front. Thick Gold Molded together straps encircle her ankle,one shoe has small Chains Dangling from the sides while the other,the chains are in the Front. The Front of her shoes make a Jagged Teeth design and the Strap going across her feet are studded and have a Black Crescent Moon at it's Center.
That's it For Clawdeen!
I give her a 9 out of 10,only because she doesn't come with a Stand other than that she's Perfect!
Next Up will Be Lala and than that's it until I get More!
I might be getting My First J-Doll so Stay tuned!!!
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  1. Another one you've completely sold me on :) I love that dress - the pattern looks familiar, I think there's a Sporty Fashionista with a dress made of similar patterned material. And the eyes - the hair - she's really original and very glamorous ...