Friday, November 15, 2013

Black Carpet Cleo Review

I was going to Do Cleo and Lagoona Together,but I didn't want to seem like I was Copying another Blogger. so on their own they go!

They were on sale at Justice so I got them for $11.00 each!
I was really Excited to see Pics of them From NYCC as well as Art Class,Scaremester,The playsets and the New Characters!
So I'm even happier now that I got some!

First The Box,it is a Slim box as these are Budget Dolls.
Of Which I only took a Pic of the Back...I Took a Pic of the Front of Clawdeen's only,but oh well. You'll see the front when I review Clawdeen.
Here's The back,it Describes the Basic Storyline for the Movie and Has the Girls CGI Art posing on a Silver/Black Carper,it has Lights and Flashbulbs in the background,the Ropes and Base of the Pillars are Red and it has a Clear Skull on top of each.
Lala as a Queen?! Yes please! also Can't wait to see Ellisabat in CG! 

Here's Cleo's Art on the Front,I think she looks a Bit Chubby. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Cleo comes with a Purse and Wearing a Belt and Head Dress. Unlike Lala and Clawdeen she does not come with Earrings or a Necklace.
 All of Her Accessories are Gold,Her Purse is oval with a Scarab on it and Two Gems on Top and Bottom,the Strap is Beads as well as Beads Dangling From the Bottom.
Her Belt is Wide and has Two Snakes heads on top with a Diamond Shaped Gem in the middle,it has 3 Beaded Straps circling to attach to the back,they are laid on top of one another the bigger one's have 2 Scarabs and Her Skullette on them.

Her headdress are 3 Straps going across her head Widely Spaced out,they have studs across them,one side has What looks like a Giant Snake and Beads dangling from it. the other side is Small Scarab Mid Flight.
This would be My Favorite Accessory.

The Hair
Cleo's hair is Long and Very thick with slight Waves at the Bottoms. It's the thickest Cleo hair that I've seen! Besides Ghouls Rule (which was short) and Scaris. It's Predominantly Black with thin Teal Streaks in back and some on the side. she also has Rolled Bangs. 
I prefer Cleo with No bangs and Just Black hair or Black/Brown. But I still do like her hair,despite their was Gel underneath in the back,randomly.....

From the Front you barely see any Teal
The Makeup
Cleo's Makeup is Different in that while she still has Gold,on her Brow bone and below, she has Coral or Orange Eye shadow on her lid! which is a First but a Nice Change From Teal or Just gold. I miss the purple Eye shadow they used to give her. 
She also has Red Lipstick.
Yes her Eye shape is back to the Original not sure I like it,it's a bit too long makes her look like an Alien when using Flash. 
The Outfit
Cleo wears a Mini dress in Colors of Teal and Black with Gold Dots in a Painted Watercolor Print. The Straps are Black Chiffon with Gold flecks as well as the Trim of her Dress with makes a Tulip Pattern at the Bottom. 
It really is Pretty but I much prefer it with the belt on as without it,it's just another dress.

Rounding out Her look are Gold Heels.they have Studs on the Heels and all over the Sides and front. The Ankle strap is meant to look like a Two Headed Snake and the thick strap that goes across the foot have studs trimming it,A Design and a Black painted Diamond Shaped Gem in the center. 
I am Disappointed they don't come with Stands,but Budget Dolls Rarely do. 
All in All I do like this Cleo though she's not My Favorite as that Belongs to Dead Tired and  Schools out. but I do like her Dress and I love all of her Accessories especially that Headdress! Her hair is just too Poofy for my Tastes. 

Now Picture Time! More Black Carpet Reviews coming soon!


  1. I love this doll so much, I feel slightly nauseous ... I love Cleo but I've never found a version I've really bonded with, I hope that this will be the one! I can't see any tinsel in her hair which is fabulous news, and her eye makeup is so different. Lovely pictures, thanks - super excited for a UK release of this line now :)

  2. Oh, I haven't seen these yet!!! Good finds! I think Cleo looks the most 'red/black carpet' to me. I wish the others were glam'd up a bit more!