Sunday, November 17, 2013

Black Carpet Draculaura Review

My Final BC Review!
One of my Few lala's without a Wonky Eye!

I think Operetta's Supposed to be in this line too,but no word on her yet except that she's a Walmart Exclusive.
Again no in box Pics but here's her Box Art!
unlike Her Art she has no Noticeable Pink in her Updo.
Lala Comes With a Purse and wearing A Belt,Necklace and Earrings.
Two of Her Accessories are Hot Pink while the other Two are Black.
Her Purse has a Different Strap than the other Ghouls,in that in that it's not Beaded just plain with a Bow on top. 
Her Purse is in the Shape of Giant Lips and has raised Dots all over it,with Beads Hanging From it and Little Hearts hanging from the bottom of each Bead.

She has a Wide Belt and is in the shape of Beads and Diamond Shaped Gems,A Giant Molded Bat winged Bow is on top at an Angle with a Black heart in the Middle and Beads or pearls going form the Bow to the back of the belt. also attached to the Bow are two sets of Chains going around as well with Beads Dangling From them (would have made more sense if they were chain) as well as Bow Hearts,her Skullette and Lips.
Her Necklace is Actually a Molded Winged Collar With Beads molded on it,which are all the rage right now,in real life it would probably be Leather.
Her Collar and Belt are My Fave!
Her earrings are long and are a tiny Heart with Beads and Molded Webbing with More beads.

Yay Different Makeup!
Her Eyeshadow is a Very Light Silver with an Electric Pink Crease and unlike the box art her Lips are a bright Red. Even her Heart is Silver With a Pink outline.
The Hair
The Box Art shows a lot of Pink in her ponytail but mine just has it in her Bangs and one side of her hair.
the rest is Black.
Her Bangs are Curled atop her head and her hair is swept to the Side in a Curled Ponytail almost an updo.
They did a Very good Job!

The outfit
Lala has like all the Ghouls a Short Party dress.
it has Tied Pink Chiffon Straps and the Dress is a Polyester Feel it's black with Bats hanging upside down (or right side up) on it,the bats are Pink with Black wings outlined in White. it has a Bat wing Cut and has a Bottom layer which is a Shimmery Hot Pink,the Top Layer is Cut to show off the bottom.
Last but not least are her shoes. the same Peep toes as the others.
in A Hot or Dark Pink,the heels have strands of tiny beads encircling them as does the Sides and trim of the shoes,the front also has dangling Beads and Hearts,they rise a little higher than the others and have a Cutout at the Front,at the Ankles are Bows with Hearts in the Middle,Across the foot are Large Bat Wing Moldings with a Black heart in the middle.
They're Adorable!♥
That's it on this review
Even though she doesn't come with a Stand I still give her a 10/10!
Hope you enjoyed!
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I will hopefully soon be Reviewing My First J-Doll,so Stay Tuned :)

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