Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I ♥ Shoes,Draculaura Review

I will Be doing my other dolls soon but I decided to do one of her as well since I took the pics and everything.

I Was really Excited that they were doing an I ♥ SHOES Line,but as much Potential as this had,I feel like it fell flat. we could have gotten 3 NEW pairs of Shoes plus a Purse! The Promo Pics For these are Pretty Different.
She does not Come with a Purse nor does she come with those Light Pink Shoes.....Cleo does not come with a Purse either.
but despite that,Draculaura herself is a Beautiful doll.
First The Box.
It's a Pretty Cute Display in Lala's Signature Pink and Black.
The Back has Artwork of Her and Cleo,Standing around a Tower of Shoe Boxes,Lala is Posing Holding a Shoe with a Bag in front of her,while Cleo is well just Posing with a Shopping Bag on one Arm.
First I'll show you what she comes with.
Lala Comes with 2 pairs of Shoes,Earrings,Sunglasses and a Shopping Bag.
The Design on the shopping bag,like all of them,is really Cute it's Hot Pink with Black stripes and Vampire Lips as well as Pink Vampire Hearts all over in a White Circle outlined in Black is a Polka Dot White heart with black Bat wings and Tiny Pink hearts behind it.
The earrings Lala wears are Yellow and Shaped like a Bow with a Skullette Dangling from it,like the white and pink One's that came in the Maul Fashion pack with Frankie.
Her Second Pair of Earrings are Pink Cameo one's like Picture Day's.
you can see those in the above pictures.
Her Shoes she comes wearing are Black Versions of The Pink and Silver one's that came in The Maul Fashion Pack also.
The one's that she comes with are Pink and Black Versions of her DOTD Shoes and Exact Replica's of her Scaris Fashion pack shoes.
Her Other Shoes are Yellow Versions of her Black Scaris Shoes but they have Pink Hearts on the Sides. which up them in the Cute factor for me. I prefer those on her.

Her Sunglasses or Black Versions of Her Pink Gloom Beach One's as well as Exact Replica's of her Roadster Glasses.
I won't be wasting my Time with a Makeup Section. as She has Pink Eye shadow and Pink Lipstick as alot of The Dracula's do. yawn...
Despite this,Her Hair and outfit bring alot to her overall look and make her a Doll I could not pass up!

Her hair is in a Simple low Side ponytail,but has a Sweep of Curled Bangs off to the side.
It's pretty gelled and I had an issue with mine as one strand is Straighter than all the others :( I'll need to curl it on my own.
The Outfit
Let Me just get this out of the way Her Painted on Gloves Remind me Of Mickey Mouse,they are too White and the way her Fingers are splayed make them look bigger than they are,they're just bad. I will be Painting them.
Now onto the outfit which I DO like!
She comes Wearing a plaid Shrug of Yellow,Pink and Black with a Lace Collar and a Black Ribbon,it closes in front with Velcro,under that is a Yellow Ribbed Camisole,with a High wasted Dark Pink Pencil Skirt over it,The Skirt has Embroidery of Owls,Spider Webs and other Vintage Designs and two Black Buttons on either side of the Front at the waist,the back has a Slit in it.
It's Very 40's-50's Secretary,as I love those Era's I love this outfit! this is probably My Favorite outfit she has Ever Worn,after Her Wave 2 Dress and Before Her Art Class outfit.

Well that's it for this Lala,oh she does come with a Stand.
Despite the fact that I feel like they skimped on the Accessories,I loved this Lala, her outfit and Hair are Awesome,and I really do like those Yellow Pumps!
Their's a sense of Maturity about this Lala,like this could be how she dressed in the 40's (A Good chance she was around then) 

Now For a Shopping Trip!

Lala Checks out something For Lagoona

While Cleo wonders why their isn't anything with HER name on it?

Having a Barista with the Ghouls

My Next Reviews Will Be The Black Carpet Ghouls!
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  1. Great review, her yellow pumps are so cool ^^ Lovely outfit too!

  2. I love this Draculaura - great photos by the way :) I will buy her anyway if and when she becomes more readily available in my country - but I am disappointed by the omission of those pink shoes ... She has such a classy look in this incarnation, I hope she sets the tone for future designs.

    1. Thx! I also have done the Black Carpet Dolls if you want to check those out!