Friday, November 15, 2013

Black Carpet Lagoona Review

Here's My Second Review In the Black Carpet Line!

No In box Pics but here is A Pic of her Pretty Box Art! kind of Wish her skin was that Blue on the Doll and her Dress more Coral.
Lagoona Comes with a Purse and wearing a Necklace and Headband,like Cleo she doesn't come with Earrings unlike Cleo she has No Belt but A Necklace.
Her Purse Is Black and has the Same Beaded Strap as the other Ghouls,It's in the Shape of a Jellyfish and it's Tentacles are Beads. I thought it opened because it's so pliable,but I think I was breaking it....
Her Necklace is Mint Green and are Lots of Molded Beads with A jellyfish,Sand Dollar,Her Skullette,A Hermit Crab Shell,Starfish and Sea Shell on it. as well as possibly Seaweed.
It would look better Not all one color and because it's so bulky it tends to move around alot and get Caught in her hair.
My Favorite is her headband,it's Black With What My Mom said is a Hermit Shell on Top,with whatever they've Grabbed coming out.
The Outfit
She Wears a Short Dress in a Pattern of Black,Light Pink and Pale Blue,The Capped Sleeves are Silver and Very Futuristic to me,The Skirt is three Wavy Layers,the Second layer is Dark Shimmery Pink and the bottom is Black.
It's pretty Cute I especially Love the Bottom.
Her Shoes are Light Pink and The Same Heels as all the girls,with the open toe. The Heels are in a Swirly Shell Shape,alot like Wave 2 lala's,The Sides have Pearls on them as well as a Grooved Design on the front. going across the top of the Feet are Pearls or beads as well with a medium Sized Black Pearl on top. The Top Heel is in the Shape of A Shell or Flower Petal and going around her ankles are More pearl/Beads with Seashells,and what looks like a Hook Dangling From them.
Her shoes are Prbly My Favorite thing about this Doll,aside From her Hair and Are one of My all time Fave's after Dawn The Dance Lagoona's Shell Wedges and Picture Day's Bubble Sandals. (I really like Wave 1's as well but I don't have her)
The Makeup
Lagoona's Makeup is Darker than the Norm and Does make her look More Mature,it's a Coral Color on her Eyelid and a Lighter Pink on her Brow bone and Below. She has Deep Red Lips.
The Hair
At First,right out of the Box aside From the Color, I HATED Lagoona's hair,it was Frizzy and Dry and Gelled in Random Places. I started to brush it out but it just made it Worse!
I was all Set to Hate Her hair and Mourn over the fact that we haven't had Excellent Soft Hair  of her's since Skull Shores and Dead Tired W1.
What a Mess....
I was even going to say Goodbye to the Curls on one side and Straighten it.
but while Taking Pictures of her For this Review,and My Flickr,I fingered combed some  strands,shook her around a bit, played with Future styles and Began to Appreciate her hair for what it is,Wild,untamed,Party Girl Hair!
Plus that Wave of Hair in front of her Face just adds to it!
I also love that they Made the Blond more of an Accent and went with this Dark Teal,Marine Blue Shade that I don't think we've seen in her hair. it was mainly Thin Light Blue Streaks before.
I like that while it's not super Soft or Perfectly Curled,it still has it's own unique Qualities the Color being one and the Random Curls and Wildness being another. 
She May be My Fave Lagoona Yet,After Skull Shores as nothing can beat her in my mind,and Just Edging out Swim Class. (Yes! She had Silky hair as well,my bad! but her hair is Straight)
I just hope over time her hair keeps it's body.
I give her an 9 out of 10,No Stand and I haven't Fallen for her Dress yet.
 Well that's it on Lagoona stay Tuned for lala and Clawdeen! I might do them together!
Warning:I Took Way More of her than Cleo! 

She looks Good Just Chillin' on my Shelf
Or In My Wedding Glasses

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